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Killa Drones Team

Killa Drones Racing

We are looking for someone trying to push to break into that top tier in NZ drone racing.

With the consisting already of Jaxon, Steve and Matt we want one more person to form the squad.

We need someone that represents what NZ drone racing is about, doing your best, trying to grow the sport and being part of the community.

Each year the team will work together to look what’s out there in the world of FPV and build a racing team spec to compete in the next seasons events.  We will also be developing and refining our own products as time goes on.

Being part of the team means you get all the parts for your builds at highly discounted rate.

The current team members will review your submission and decide on who they would like to be part of the 2020 race team.


If you are interested please complete the form below:

Enter in a brief message about why your keen to join the team, what your goals are and where you are located.



Killa Drones