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The Pyrocube is a proven race frame, we have been testing and refining this design for the full 2019 MultiGP race season.  I knew we needed something lighter and more durable and agile than any box frame on the market.  
When I stated the collaboration with Pyrodrone, we had two requirements that we refused to compromise on 1) price point and 2) a high quality box frame that everyone will love.  I am confident that we have brough a frame to market that many will enjoy, especially at this price point and quality.


We didn't just design this frame and test it for a few months like most frames, no, we had a group of about 10 guys bashing this frame for a full year, adjusting as needed.  Everyone that flies this frame absolutely loves it.  This frame was flown in the 2019 National Champs with one person making it the top 16 in Pro class.

I am very confident that you will not find another box frame at this price point or quality, period!


Rick “SSBelmont” Caudle - Designer

Pyrocube replacement parts

What's including in the kit?


QTY 16 - 15mm Socket Head Motor bolts

QTY 4 - M3x18mm button head bolts

QTY 4 - M3x6mm button head bolts

QTY 4 - M3x20mm Black Standoffs

QTY 4 - M3x10mm Black Standoffs

Carbon Fiber Parts:

QTY 2 - Dual Motor Mounts

QTY 4 - Single Motor Mounts

QTY 2 - Side braces

QTY 2 - Front/Rear braces

QTY 4 - Arms

QTY 1 - Top Plate

QTY 1 - Mid Plate

QTY 1 - Bottom Plate

TPU Parts:

QTY 1 – Variable FPV Camera Mount

QTY 1 – TBS SMA mount

QTY 1 – Turtle mode Flipstick TPU and carbon rod with plastic cap

NZ$95.50 NZ$85.00
Or 6 payments of $14.17 with
More Info
1 Available
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