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Killa Drones RotorHazard Laptimer

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Rotorhazard Laptimer

Built by Killa Drones Team Pilot Chris "Redalin" Riddell.

Chris has kindly put together some Rotorhazard laptimers and made them available to the wider NZ FPV Community for purchase. Currently there is only a limited amount but he's very keen to build more.

The sales and profit goes back to Chris for his time and effort and to fund components for more Rotorhazard timers. 

Some information on the Rotorhazard timer:

RotorHazard is an open-source multi-node radio frequency race timing system for FPV drone racing, with event management. It uses 5.8GHz video signals broadcast by drones to trigger lap times.  Each node in the timer box listens on a specified frequency and communicates times to a server component (running on a Raspberry Pi).  The server also manages a front-end interface, which any device on the same network can connect to via a web browser.  See the GitHub page for documentation and more information.

Check out RotorHazard on GitHub, here:

Major Features

  • Timing and event management on the same hardware
  • Modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive
  • Confidently calibrate in seconds with visual interface
  • Fix calibration issues retroactively after race is complete
  • Never miss a lap; recover laps with full accuracy by reviewing RSSI history
  • Improved filtering works both indoors and outdoors without adjustment, even in difficult multipathing environments
  • Improved synchronization and timing accuracy
  • Manage pilots, heats, classes, and race formats
  • Full manual control of results for race organizer
  • Statistics broken out by event, class, heat, and round
  • Sends realtime lap data to livetime
  • LED and audio support to indicate race staging, starts, and other events
  • JSON API to retrieve timing data from other systems
  • Includes basic support for Team racing and most-laps-wins races

Discuss RotorHazard on Facebook:

To report bugs or request features, please post a GitHub issue here.